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The Perfect home business!
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So, what is an 'E-mini' ?
The Internet and the PC gave rise to a new financial instrument in the stock market that proved revolutionary... the E-mini. It was born in August, 1997 and made the stock market available to the general public in a way never known before!
Thousands have discovered
e-minis and its many advantages over just investing in a mutual fund, yet, the
Mel Hardman
E-mini trader, author & coach
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Yes...good E-mini traders do that consistently.
Now, watch the video and let me show you what you can learn to do, too!
If you would like to read about my introduction to eminis
just click on the book image and read this
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Scalp The Market will appear page-by-age and you'll be able to read it here on your monitor screen as sub-pages of this web site.
I will e-mail the PDF 'Overview' to you and add your name and e-mail address to my off-line database of 'friends'. I go to great lengths to protect your e-mail address. By having yours in my database, I'm able to alert and send you an invitation to the free webinars I do from time to time, plus I'll share other things that I think will be helpful and beneficial to you. I will not be sending you e-mails trying to sell you stuff, or anyone else's stuff. Nor, will I ever share or sell my e-mail list to anyone... for any purpose.
If you are ready to order the whole 158-page book "Discover How To Trade E-minis For A Living".. renamed "How To Turn Clicks into CASH" (8.5x11 with color illustrations) click the RED button.
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One other thing....
I am making a great effort to reach out to our beloved wounded warriors, hoping that by introducing them to...and helping them learn to trade e-minis,
it will help dispel their discouragement that is causing some 20 a month to commit suicide! I was so moved by that news that it caused me to encourage others to join me in donating to help them: (I hope you will visit each web site below and make a donation.)
(Track Chairs)
I know that their learning to trade e-minis can give them the ability to [again]
be the provider for their families. That will abate all thoughts of suicide. If you
know a wounded warrior, please let him know about this web site.
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